The Glasgow Poetry Book Group first met in November 2010, here is a list of all the books we’ve discussed:

November 2010

Lorraine Mariner ‘Furniture’

Kapka Kassabova ‘Geography for the Lost’


January 2011

Pascale Petit ‘What the Water Gave Me’

Sam Willetts ‘New Light for the Old Dark’


March 2011

Helen Oswald ‘Learning Gravity’

Steve Spence ‘A Curious Shipwreck’


May 2011

Simon Armitage ‘Seeing Stars’

Hilary Menos ‘Berg’


July 2011

Heather Phillipson ‘Faber New Poets 3’

Hannah Lowe ‘The Hitcher’


September 2011

Selima Hill ‘Advice on Wearing Animal Prints’

Mario Petrucci ‘Night*Sifnos*Hands’


November 2011

John Burnside ‘Black Cat Bone’

Rachel Boast ‘Sidereal’


January 2012

Carcanet: New Poetries V


March 2012

Leontia Flynn ‘Profit and Loss’

Bernard O’Donoghue ‘Farmers Cross’


May 2012

Maitreyabandhu ‘The Bond’

Christy Ducker ‘Armour’


July 2012

Sue Butler ‘Arson’

Richie McCaffery ‘Spinning Plates’


September 2012

Sam Riviere ‘81 Austerities’

Jorie Graham ‘P L A C E’


November 2012

Lucy Hamilton ‘Stalker’

Barry Hill ‘Naked Clay’


February 2013

Sharon Olds ‘Stag’s Leap’

Jacob Polley ‘The Havocs’


March 2013

George Szirtes ‘Bad Machine’

Sarah Jackson ‘Pelt’


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