Parallax was mostly enjoyed by the group but by some more than others. Some liked the ideas but didn’t feel an emotional connection to the poems. Some felt the collection contained too many references that required to be googled, and were frustrated by an unsolvable puzzle in a poem called ‘Puzzle’. Some were diappointed by where the poems ended up. But we all enjoyed some of them, including a sequence entitled ‘Daughter’ on a young child and another entitled ‘Peacocks and Butterflies’. I was a big fan of the whole collection. I enjoyed the subtle rhymes, used diligently in varying forms, which seemed to hold the poems naturally together and gave them a pleasing sound and rhythm. I found the poet presented a fresh eye on seemingly old subjects: a series of photographs; a shoreline; a painting; a child’s view of the world. And some refreshingly new viewpoints: the photographer who entered Lowry’s home just before it was dismantled; a mutocope viewer; sudden blindness. Well worth reading.


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